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If you need ATM Machines or ATM Processing and want the best deal you've come to the right place. Your ATM will be connected directly with the network gateway processors and all the ATM networks which offers you the most reliable ATM processing available with the lowest percentage of declined access in the industry. This means more approved and profitable transactions for you.

We work with Credit Unions, local and regional Financial Institutions, banks, retailers, bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, supermarkets, museums, tourist attractions, home owner associations, commercial and residential landlords, and any other type of business.

We specialize in ATM deployment, our processing center is a publicly traded company and drives thousands of ATMs nationwide for merchants, banks, vendors and investors with a true turn-key program of end-to-end processing, direct connectivity to ATM networks, online management reporting, settlement, and residual accounting. Safety, Reliability, Toll Free 24/7 Service.

Ordering ATM Equipment

If you are in an area serviced by one of our Independent EPI Distributors, we'll schedule an in-person appointment to discuss our program with you. If you are not in an area currently serviced by one of our Independent EPI Distributors, we will gladly help you over the phone.

After you place an order with EPI, your Brand New ATM machine will arrive within 5 to 7 business days. This waiting period allows you ample time to select a location in your business, where you want your ATM installed. It also gives you time to install a phone jack, if you don't already have one near the installation site.

Our technicians can not install your ATM machine, unless there is a working power outlet and a phone jack, adjacent to where you want the ATM machine installed (within 3 feet).

Once the technician arrives, he will program your ATM machine and train you and your staff. If you choose to bolt the ATM machine to the ground, the technician will do that at this time.

At eData Merchant Services, LLC., we understand that your success is the key to our success. With this in mind, we've taken great care to incorporate only the latest, cutting-edge technology, into our ATM processing solutions, insuring your place, well ahead of the competition.

Our processing center incorporates redundant systems, in two different time zones. Each powerful system continuously runs transactions independently. However, in the unlikely event that one system should fail (for example, as a result of a downed phone or power line), the secondary system would instantaneously and seamlessly assume the full processing load.

Real time web reporting

Aside from offering one of the most "bullet proof" processing platforms in the industry, we also offer access to one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly, online reporting systems on the market- free of charge. With an internet connection you can monitor deposits, vault cash levels, error messages, statements, and see transactions just seconds after they're processed, 24-hours per day, seven days per week from the convenience of being anywhere in the world! Don't have internet access? No problem, our system is so sophisticated it can alert you of problems with your ATM via e-mail or by sending a text message to your mobile phone.

Maintenance and Support

At eData Merchant Services, LLC., we understand that selling ATM equipment is only half of the equation. The other half is Data Merchant Services, LLC.  that ATM equipment running smoothly.

So, we continuously monitor your ATM equipment for errors and maintenance issues. Don't be surprised when you contact our tech support team and learn that we are already working on resolving your issue, before you even knew about it!


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